Atheist in Wonderland (battle report) War on Easter

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Atheist in Wonderland (battle report) War on Easter

I hit "The New Beginning Church of God" on Avenue A in Knoxville Tennessee with a DVD. I wanted to hit it with flyers as well, but i had written on an insert to the case "Happy Easter! Enjoy this documentary about Jesus. Please feel free to make copies of it and give it to as many people as you would like. It would be great to play to your whole congregation if you have the capabilities to do that. It is the work of thousands of hours of research about the life of Jesus by several well known scholars. Sorry about the missing labels. I have passed out all of my labeled copies already. The title to this DVD is "A Great Jesus Story."

Of course i don't expect them to make any copies, but i thought the way i worded it would guarantee someone to watch it. And if i was lucky that maybe they would show it to the congregation without seeing what it is first Smiling Tried to make it seem that they would be missing out if everyone didn't see it because i had already given out a bunch of copies to other churches. It sucks that i will never know what happened i guess. I may attened service on Wednesday and see if it gets a mention.

I did hit a bus stop with a flyer, I had to be real careful. I live in the projects so i didn't want anyone to see me leave a flyer.. there are some real crazies living here. The church in the backgrond of the one pic is a "Gospel Baptist" church.. I am going to try to hit it this you can see there were people everywhere and also that church already knows me Smiling I have been trying to get them to do an interview on tape with me but can't get them to.

I don't want a DVD. I just did this for the sake of humanity. Thanks to everyone who participated and lots of thanks to Brian Flemming and The Rational Responders for rallying the troops.

An Atheist in Wonderland