muslism scammers

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muslism scammers

    This article came out yesterday up here in Canada and it is something that boils my blood because I use to be on welfare, however withtthat said, I only used it to get on my feet I was on it for 4 months, not like these scammers that are using it to live the good life.

    The problem I have always had with the canadian way of tolerance, is that we get used as door mats, and as a citizen of Canada I find it extermely distrubing that my own goverment usually won't do anything against this because they do not WISH to upset the muslim population, yet should I decide A) to have mulitple wives, and/or B) have them all apply for welfare like this....I would be in jail and prosecuted so quickly my head would be still spinning. Yet because they do not wish to upset them, they can get away with this and get anywhere from 6000 to 10000 dollars a month from welfare. Plus not just that, the issue as well is that many are bring their wives using immigration fraud.

    I get it, they have a different religious views and ideas on marriage, but we are not a muslim country and therefore do not have to follow muslims laws and should not follow muslims laws, our laws of our country as served us well and made us both prosperous and for the most part our soceity is far less violent those of other countries, why should our goverment turn a blind eye to such blantant violations of our laws and our ways of life? If I go to live in a muslim country that follows muslims laws, I am expected to follow them, but here no, a muslim can come here do follow their own laws (with the exception of the killing anyone that insults islam and those that require death as a penalty) because or goverment doesn't have the cajons to do something about it. I am requesting any assisstance or any ideas on how to get people aware and get our goverment to solve these issues or just simply enforce the law, if a muslim comes willingly to this country to live, than they should adapt to our ways of life, if they do not like it, there are many many muslim countries I can bet they can go to, however I do not wish my country to one day become part of the barbaric Muslim world, as evidence of many islamic states (Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Indionisia, parts of india and various other countries) in which these people like nothing more than animals all claiming to follow their idiotic violent laws and god.


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I always find it strange

I always find it strange that Muslim immigrants can't draw the correlation between the terrible conditions they are fleeing in their Islamic states and Islam itself.



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Actually don´t give the

Actually don´t give the religions credit for scamming. Scamming is a phenomenae done either for survival or by greed and can be applied to all groups of society. Although we Atheists here on a mission, doesn´t mean that we also need to loose our common sense and objectivity. Otherwise our behavioural patterns are no better than the theists are, right?

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The problem latincanuck is

The problem latincanuck is pointing out here is that the Canadian government is giving muslims special treatment based on religion

People who think there is something they refer to as god don't ask enough questions.

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   Pat Condell's latest ,

   Pat Condell's latest ,

Sharia fiasco

   Islam , Xainity , Judaism , it all sucks and is all related .... it's all terrorism .... Yell

God of Abe shit ....