Kool Aid + Free Fundamentalist videogame = ?

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Kool Aid + Free Fundamentalist videogame = ?

I saw this article this morning. Wow Kool Aid, just wow.



The picture on the article should be self explanitory but if your too lazy to read the link heres the run down.


Kool aid is offering a free video game to its customers..... errr children. Its a pc game that came out a few years ago based on Tim Lahaye's "Left Behind" series. Long story short "The Rapture" happens and you the main charcter take it upon themselves to goto New York and build a church then convert or kill the non believers. Theres a review on the linked article thats very kind in its review. He leaves out some very serious down sides to the game that you don't notice unless you've actually played it. There are Muslems in the game, you can't convert them you have to kill them, thats just grand isn't it? When you sucessfully convert someone in the game you have the option of giving them a job class theres 4 of them I believe... just for the males however. If you convert a woman and send her back shes only capable of doing 2 of those 4 jobs. Oh and don't listen to heavy metal music it will drain your spirit because its full of magic devil juice or some such sillyness. The cut screens about the flaws of evolution being taught in public schools are worth a good laugh most of it as far as I remember is flat out lying to the gamer. I'm sure theres other points im forgetting but have a look at the article its sure to either make you extremely disappointed in Kool Aid or you'll get a good laugh out of it.

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Ah, Eternal Forces. I played

Ah, Eternal Forces. I played that game for the lulz and had to wonder, "Aren't chrisitans against abortions?" Ignoring the ignorance of the people who made it, the game is incredibly bad on many levels, independent of its message, which is also so bad. The levels range from boring to Nintendo Hard.

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Thanks for the post, I went

Thanks for the post, I went ahead an ordered a copy.  It appears they have a million copies taking up shelf space and they have to clear some room.  I'm just hoping someone made a patch that let's me play the "godless" side.

 Funny concept though.  If all the true Christians were sent to Planet Mormon then only the false, phoney Christians are left to battle the antichrist.  You'd think they would side with the secular forces to combat the billion Muslims that are left over.

Oh well, it should provide about an hour's worth of entertainment before I decide I have better things to do. 

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That's ironically funny I

That's ironically funny I suppose.  The game is for people drinking the Kool-Aid.