Free Online Membership in American Humanist Ass'n

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Free Online Membership in American Humanist Ass'n

I think this is awesome!

Go here:

Click "Free Online Membership" (see the banner at the top of the page).

List "Janice Rael" as your referrer (that's me).

You're registered!

The official announcement is below.



Challenge the dangerous influence of the Religious Right …

Join the nation’s oldest and most dynamic humanist organization …


The American Humanist Association now offers Free Online-Only Membership, connecting you to our organization, our network of over 100 humanist chapters and affiliates, and thousands of committed, engaged humanists who share your outlook and values.

Online Members receive:

  1. Exclusive access to the Humanist magazine and Free Mind newsletter online.
  2. Action Alerts on how you can make a difference on church-state separation, reproductive rights, civil liberties, and other issues of concern to humanists.
  3. Quarterly mailed updates on AHA activities and projects.
  4. Discounts on books and merchandise from Humanist Press.
  5. The AHA works hard for humanism. We staunchly oppose the teaching of ‘intelligent design’ over evolution in public school classrooms. We speak out against government funding for religious institutions. And we promote humanism as an ethical lifestance—free of theism and other supernatural beliefs.

There is strength in numbers. Help advance Humanism in America. Join today.

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The AHA is the only

The AHA is the only "humanist" org that RRS gets open respect from. (exception: In turn the RRS supports Roy Speckhardt and the American Humanist Association.*

This is a great and innovative idea, and if anyone here is interested in a humanist org that doesn't have a passive senior citizen pole lodged firmly in it's anus, this would be a good group for you to align with. Feel free to add "Brian Sapient" along with Janice Rael in the referrer box if my endorsement compelled you at all.


*endorsement to be evaluated again upon a new person taking the office of President for AHA. The last Pres of AHA also supported our/my work, signs look good for the future, but a good working relationship can't be ensured with future AHA leaders until those leaders are known.