Military Atheists Wanted

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Military Atheists Wanted

Two projects are looking for military atheists.

Hello, my name is Diane and I am a student and an ROTC cadet at Cornell University. I am writing a paper about atheists in the military, and the line \"there are no atheists in foxholes.\" However, I am having difficulty finding veteran atheists, and even atheist soldiers within my reach to be interviewed. I would like to explore if soldiers have lost faith as a result of their military experience. Many individuals I've interviewed have informed me that most people faith is strengthened after their military experience. I would like to explore the possibility of people loosing their faith. I humbly ask if you could direct me to anyone or any organization who would be willing to be interviewed for my paper.

Diane Miranda

(610) 395 3117

(From the MAAF mailing list, reposted with permission)

Another person is writing a book that will be featuring combat zone accounts from atheist servicemembers. I don't have permission to repost that, so PM me if you have any interest and I'll give you a contact email.