Secular Social Event: South Jersey/Philly, Dec., 1, 7pm

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Secular Social Event: South Jersey/Philly, Dec., 1, 7pm

The South Jersey Dinner Crew is meeting up again at 7pm on Saturday December 1 at the Chili's Restaurant in Deptford NJ.  This is only 10 minutes from Philadelphia.  We will have attendees from Delaware, South and Central New Jersey, the Jersey Shore, and Philadelphia PA.  Please let me know if you can come, we will be making reservations in the name of Beth.

Get directions.

By the way, there are several hotels in Deptford, a Residence Inn and a Fairfield Inn.  If someone comes in from out of town, we can make a day-trip to Philly, maybe to the Liberty Bell and Independence Mall (free) and the National Constitution Center ($15).

Not everyone at the dinner party is an atheist, please feel free to bring spouses or friends. 

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Jenny and I are planning on going, but I do have the FSGP Tree of Knowledge event eariler in the day. So it will be a Freethought Saturday.