This Tuesday: Our Intelligent Design Case on PBS

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This Tuesday: Our Intelligent Design Case on PBS


From the Desk of Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director, ACLU
This Tuesday: Our Intelligent Design Case on PBS

Dear Friend,

Of all of the cases the ACLU has taken on in the last few years, our
challenge to the promotion of "intelligent design" in
Dover, Pennsylvania's public schools is one that truly speaks
volumes about our work -- work that ACLU supporters like you make

That is why I wanted to let you know about an upcoming program
highlighting this landmark case.

This Tuesday, November 13th at 8:00 PM, PBS's award winning show
NOVA will be airing a documentary on the Dover intelligent design
trial. "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial" is a
two hour documentary that tells the story of the Dover case.

In September 2005, the ACLU went to court over the first-ever legal
challenge to teaching intelligent design -- the assertion that an
intelligent, supernatural entity has intervened in the history of
life. The story of this case and of our plaintiffs -- 11 brave parents
who took on their local school board and community -- is a real-life
drama and one you won't want to miss.

The intelligent design campaign to replace science with faith-based
theories in our schools is part of a larger faith-based movement that
threatens our freedoms in a profound way. With your continued support,
the ACLU is carrying out the strongest possible defense of liberty by
fighting to keep the government out of our religious and private,
moral decisions. You can support that important work by becoming a member

I hope you'll tune in on Tuesday night, or set your DVD recorder
to watch this documentary and take pride in the important work that
your support makes possible.

Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director

P.S. For more about this case and the intelligent design
issue, go to:

And for more information on the NOVA documentary, go to:

© ACLU, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor New York, NY 10004

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Thanks for reposting the

Thanks for reposting the ACLU's announcement of the broadcast of the documentary about the Dover case.  The Philadelphia Atheists Meetup listed it as an event: Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial (Nova)

The National Center for Science Education also alerted its supporters about the program:

Dear Friends of NCSE,

Judgment Day, the special documentary about Kitzmiller v. Dover to air on
PBS on November 13, 2007, received a glowing review in Nature.

Meanwhile, a governor who vocally supported creationism is out of office, the
president of NCSE's board of directors was elected as a Fellow of the AAAS,
and NCSE has a new logo at last!


Reviewing Judgment Day:  Intelligent Design on Trial -- the new documentary
about Kitzmiller v. Dover -- for the November 8, 2007, issue of Nature
(450:  170), Adam Rutherford was impressed, not least with the way in which he filmmakers met the challenge of retelling the story.  "The makers of
Judgment Day inject tension with eyewitness accounts from the people of
Dover," he writes, "and home-video footage of raucous school board meetings hows how passionate and divided this small community became.  It
works:  it is inspiring to hear parents and educators, such as Sunday
school and physics teacher Bryan Rehm, recount how they refused to be
steam-rollered into bringing religion into the science classroom."

"Judgment Day gracefully avoids ridiculing intelligent design for the
pseudo-intellectual fundamentalist fig-leaf that it is, by simply showing
how the protagonists shot themselves in the foot," Rutherford
adds.  Acknowledging that the "intelligent design" movement is still alive
in the wake of the trial, he nevertheless concludes that "the Kitzmiller vs
Dover verdict, matched this September with the outlawing of intelligent
design in the UK national curriculum, marked the official neutering of this
unpleasant, sneaky movement in much of the western world.  Judgment Day is ust the sort of thoughtful programming that celebrates how sensible people - faithful and otherwise -- can use science and reason to combat

Judgment Day airs on PBS stations nationwide at 8:00 p.m. on November 13,
2007.  (Schedules for local affiliates can be checked on-line via the PBS
website.)  Be sure also to visit the generous website, featuring interviews
with Kenneth R. Miller on evolution, Phillip Johnson on "intelligent
design," and Paula Apsell on NOVA's decision to produce the documentary;
audio clips of Judge John E. Jones III reading passages from his decision
in the case and of various experts (including NCSE's Eugenie C. Scott)
discussing the nature of science; resources about the evidence for
evolution and about the background to the Kitzmiller case; material
especially for teachers, including a briefing packet for educators; and
even a preview of the documentary.

For Rutherford's review in Nature (subscription required), visit:

For information about Judgment Day, visit:

For the preview, visit:

For PBS schedules across the country, visit: