Funny Bible Quote Pictures

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Funny Bible Quote Pictures

Hi, I'm new here. I thought you guys might like this. I made some "inspirational" pictures using some of the more barbaric and ridiculous verses from the Bible. I think it would be funny to frame some and hang them up in churches when no one's looking, or hide them in Bibles. If you guys want to print them out and do the same, feel free. Do you have any other ideas how these can be used?

I think there would be fewer Christians if everyone knew how horrible and murderous the god of the Bible is. When I was a Christian, whenever I tried to convert people to Christianity, no one ever said to me anything like, "doesn't the Bible say God ordered the Jews to commit massive genocide?" If they had asked me, the conversation would have pretty much ended. Genocide's a pretty difficult thing to defend. Most non-Christians, and even most Christians don't know this stuff, and I think it would be a good idea to get the word out.

The rest of the pictures are on my flickr page here:

beating slaves pregnancy


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Thanks for the permission

Thanks for the permission to use your pictures.  I'm starting a college secular group and I'm going to add them to our facebook album.

They remind me of something on the Landover Baptist site. They have these "Biblical Quotes" signs you can hang up in the office... I suppose so Christians would be like Oh, Look a Bible quote... ::reading::... wtf?

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*clicks link*  Nice. I'll

*clicks link*

 Nice. I'll download those pics once I get home.

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these rock

 your photos are awesome! i pulled a bunch from your flicker site.  thank you so much for posting those

i think i'll paste a few up around town!

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Funny, reminds me of Deep

Funny, reminds me of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.