FFRF 07 Convention Webcast Available Now!

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FFRF 07 Convention Webcast Available Now!

Online Photo Gallery Also Available for Viewing

FFRF 07 Convention Webcast Available Now!

Nov. 9, 2007

(Madison, Wis.) Speeches from the Freedom From Religion Foundation's 30th annual convention, which took place at the Monona Terrace convention center in Madison, Wis., on Oct. 12-14, 2007, can be watched or heard online at:


To be able to view the videos, make sure you have Windows Media Player (Windows, Mac 8 & 9) or Flip4Mac (Mac OS 10) installed.

Additionally, high-quality videos will be archived permanently at Wisconsin Eye (which broadcast the convention speeches several times over Wisconsin TV channels following the convention):


Speakers included:

Katha Pollitt, Nation columnist, "Atheist as the New Black"

Julia Sweeney, comedian, "Presenting Julia Sweeney"

Welcoming remarks, Prof. Robert Kimbrough and staff

Ellery Schempp, Champion of the First Amendment acceptance speech

Matthew LaClair, Thomas Jefferson Student Activist Award

Journalist Stephanie Salter, "Friend of the First Amendment" Award: Life in the Heartland for a San Francisco Liberal

Christopher Hitchens, the 2007 Emperor Has No Clothes Award

(The exceptional Tunes 'n 'Toons revue, performed by Dan Barker and Steve Benson, was not filmed for copyright reasons.)

View (or order) the many photographs of the convention by convention photographer Brent Nicastro

Convention speeches are also transcribed and published in Freethought Today, with FFRF audios of speeches made available online as transcripts are published. So there are many ways to enjoy, view and relive the FFRF convention!


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Sweet, now i just need to

Sweet, now i just need to find the free time to watch. Smiling