Censorship in Germany

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Censorship in Germany

I just read this article in James Randi's weekly commentary.




As a further example of this same media irresponsibility, reader Jens-Wolfhard Schicke tells us of a current situation in his country:

Some weeks ago, the ZDF-TV aired a program about "Miracle Healers" authored by the widely-known science journalist Joachim Bublath. The program reported critically about mass preachers who purport to be "Spirit Healers," as well as about Shamans, dangerous natural poisons in German complementary health centers, quicksilver in ayurvedic elixirs – and also that homeopathy has never been scientifically proven.

As to be expected, the editor was flooded with letters and emails. This time, however, in an abundance which hinted at an organized action, believers and profiteers of paramedicine conducted quite a mass protest by phone and email. All that's not bad, but the scandal is another thing: The ZDF thereupon removed the program from its website, as well as accompanying materials!

I find it disturbing that a public TV station does just what a lobbying organization wants, that the lobbying organization uses fear to get their people together, and it plans to conduct more campaigns like that in the future.

This is the usual run-for-cover technique that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in every part of the world. Rather than facing the woo-woo artists, networks and other media retreat…


You can't rationally argue out something that was not rationally argued in.

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Censorship is new to the

Censorship is new to the Germans.  I am sure they will work it out.  /sarcasm