Not again!

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Not again!

Once again the religious see an image where there really isn't one - kind of like seeing things in clouds. Now they claim former pope John Paul II's image was in a fire (might that mean he went to hell if it were true?) ROTF

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Well, fellow atheists, I

Well, fellow atheists, I guess that's it. I suppose this is the end. We had a good run, but we knew something like this was going to come along eventually, in our heart of hearts. We've been proven wrong. Oh, what fools we were! To believe in our daft fantasy that it makes sense in life to not believe in a diety! Let's go about our business of dismantling the site with as much dignity and discretion as possible. I'm sure you all are as embarrassed by this business as I. This flaming Pope has certainly put us in our place! Time to convert to Catholicism. I certainly enjoyed the ability to murder people and molest children guilt-free that atheism granted me, but it had to end some time.

I'll miss you all!  *Tear* 

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looks pretty clear to me. 

looks pretty clear to me.  the bastard is roasting in hell.

 marshmellows, anyone?

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The vatican always seemed

The vatican always seemed kinda flaming to me anyway. 

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Can you hear that??? It's the sound of Hispanic Catholics weaping everywhere! Trust me I work at a Catholic hospital in Texas and they think they see these images everywhere! Chocolate, Window stains, Toast, tree stumps. It gets really annoying.

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I don't's pretty

I don't's pretty convincing, but I'm not believing anything 'til I see his face in a grilled cheese sammich.

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