Freethought Radio to be on Air America

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Freethought Radio to be on Air America

Contrary to what Fox Noise News pretends Al Franken is not the host of Freethought Radio but Air America will be featuring Freedom From Religion Foundation's weekly radio show.

As expected the reich wing is going nuts.  Naturally Fox News is uninformed and biased. The show isn't new and Fox rants against Atheism in their "Fair and balanced" reporting.

It's no surprise Fox didn't go batshit crazy over their religion show, State of Belief by the Interfaith Alliance who advocates such crazy ideas as separation of church and state and has had *shock* Atheists on the show and didn't use the time to bash them as Fox News does.

What's amusing is Fox is ranting about how Atheists are such a small minority yet they find us a huge threat that they have to devote so much airtime in attacking us.  We're actually 14% of the population, more than Jews, Hindus, Muslims and $cientologists but together.  But there's one thing I have to say, thanks Fox News for promoting the show.