Submissive Jesus was censored, removed from myspace and youtube!

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Submissive Jesus was censored, removed from myspace and youtube!


Hey guys,

Great work.

I'm the creator of the "Submissive Jesus Prayer Answering Talking Head" toy. I thought you'd find it interesting to hear that my account was closed by Youtube too (as well as Myspace). It appears that if you go against Jesus, it's fair game to delete your account in these forums. I had four Submissive Jesus commercials on Youtube and Myapace. One day, Myspace decided to feature one of them. Well, the views went through the roof, as did the negative comments. One week later, my account was deleted - no explanation, no warning, no 2nd chance. Every video was taken down. In the case of Youtube, I had over 90 videos uploaded (only six were for the Submissive Jesus). One day, that account too was taken down and all 90 videos deleted. Of course, if you look at their terms and conditions, they can pretty much take you down for breathing if they want to. Freedom of speech in this country? Well, as long as that speech doesn't trample upon Jesus.


Mark Pirro
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YouTube really sucks since

YouTube really sucks since Google took it over.