Vote in a saint! Your say online.

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Vote in a saint! Your say online.

It would appear that you can now put in your say and vote for John Paul II to be recognised as a saint online at the vatican website.

"The aim of the website is to give everyone a chance to take part in the process," site overlord Stefano Chiodo says.

"It's a way of reaching out. I am overwhelmed with requests. I can't keep up."

John Paul II called the internet a tool to "promote justice and solidarity". Now it's being used to place him on the fast track to sainthood, but some of his flock say the website desecrates the campaign for sainthood.

Oh, and as a bonus you can also offer prayers and money to help out the process too, because we all know that nothing in this world and even less in the next can be done without a metric fuckload of it. So if you care about JPII, get those credit cards ready. For JPII! For Jesus! For The Lord!

It's a costly and thankless job being God, but someone has to do it.

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From the article: "The

From the article: "The Vatican is inviting devotees of the late pontiff to log on to its website and offer money and prayers to help make John Paul a saint."

Why am I not surprised money is involved with being a saint? I thought this issue was still standing in his way...

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I should be made a goddamned

I should be made a goddamned saint.  Everyday, I avoid smacking all sorts of people around who deserve to be.  Further, I do so and continue to smile. Smiling  See?

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