Favorite Theists.....?

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Favorite Theists.....?

A question: 

What kind of religious person do you (be you theist or atheist) personally have more respect for?  Do you prefer the purist, the kind who honors practically every acknowledged tenant of his religion, taking them literally, or do you lean more toward the sort who picks and chooses what parts of his religion he likes?  Do feel more sympathetic toward those who treat religion as a purely personal thing and keep their mouths shut around disbelievers, or those who try to minister to others, to bestow on them the afterlife that they themselves believe they await (and possibly save them from a very unpleasant one)?  I'd be interested to see your opinions, and your reasons behind them!


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I respect theists who

I respect theists who follow their religion more and speak out about it. The religious person who believes there is a punishment or reward for there belief or actions they should be trying the help as many people as they can. If they don't they either don't really believe or don't care about their follow humans. Quite religious types are more relaxing to me as I don't want people beating down my door to save me, but what I said before still stands.

That said I also wouldn't like the religious person who speaks out, but doesn't allow for rebuttal. I don't think anyone, theist or atheist, wants to be preached at and not get say anything about it.

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I don't like hypocrites,

I don't like hypocrites, theist or atheist. So I try hard not to be one. But I'm fallible, so I fail a lot. So I have a great deal of respect for people that are able to practice what they preach. Unless they preach things like suicide bombings.

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Hi DrTerwilliker.  Glad to

Hi DrTerwilliker.  Glad to have you aboard!

When you get a chance, we'd love it if you'd hop over to the General Conversations, Introductions and Humor forum and introduce yourself. 

As for your question, I respect those who "walk the walk" in their personal lives. 

 I know a couple of hard-core theists that I would do just about anything for ('cept maybe go to church) because they are truly good and kind people who do not judge anyone.  You could almost say they are the epitome of "Pay It Forward".

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I respect anyone who can

I respect anyone who can find their own answers and are prepared to question the ones they already think they have. Their answers may be different to mine but if they are their own answers I respect that.

for that fact I cannot respect the purists. They have just accepted a dogma with no thought of their own.

I also like ideas to be out in the open. People should not be expected hide what they believe. The only requirement I would have is that if you share what you believe then you accept it will be critisized or even ridiculed. I respect people who realise that sharing opinions is a two way process.

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Good people can have

Good people can have flawed beliefs.  What is lived and what is affirmed are not always the same.  My best guess is that what we see as good in another person--empathy, ethics, caring, etc.--is sourced far differently from their beliefs.

Belief (contra practice) is not the outcome of development or growth.  It is a coping stance.  Life hurts.  Facing loss and uncertainity is unmanagable for many. 

The dynamic for getting beyond this is not imposed by others.  Some make the existential shift, some don't.  (If I could determine how, you would see me signing books at Borders.)

Yes, actions count more than creed.  I try to respond to others with this in mind.

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I respect any theist who

I respect any theist who practices what they preach, are good and kind (genuinly, not just to get into heaven Sticking out tongue) and also those who do not discriminate. I find people who do this (there are a number in the church I attend) really very repulsive and I have lost friends within the church because of their stance on homosexuality especially, not just feeling it is wrong, but a couple I know are bordering on WBC standards. It is scary, thankfully they aren't the ones up the front talking! Just the idiots at the back gossiping.

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