on god omniscient and freewill

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on god omniscient and freewill

a pastol have writen on there pamplet about freewill and god all knowing. 

God as Omniscient doesn't mean that He controls everyone like a robot, and that we don't have free will to decide on things.

This is by inference on how God works and how man lives; if God is the Creator of all, then it should mean that He has also created the countless possibilities a man has before him. It is up to that man then to choose which among those possibilities he will take. This is the very nature of free will, and how it reconciles with God knowing all. He knows all the countless possibilities and outcomes a man can possibly have; however, He still gives man that prerogative to choose his own destiny.

Why wouldn't He have to make any decisions at all? Then that means He wouldn't have to do anything, which is not the case.

Why would God, to choose something, mean He is not Omniscient and Omnipotent?


Any thoughts on this? 

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If god creates us, and

If god creates us, and creates the options...then he must also realize that the decisions people make in life are most often direct impacts of their upbringing and their education and social circles.

If that's the case, how can god fault man for making decisions based on their education when he is the one that presented the education in the first place?

What I'm getting at here is that I think that if we look at the patterns of social development and beliefs you would find that they are directly impacted dramatically by environment, and our freewill is often limited to within the confines as to what we see as viable options based on that education.   What I'm getting at is that freewill has nothing to do with super natural influence, and everything to do with our environment.

As for the last point regarding Omniscient and Omnipotent...you're missing infallible.  The concept that there is the ability to make negative choices or that he put free will to decide negaitve things in our hearts is a decision that was in error as it produced errors later.  Something infallible should be incapable of producing errors even indirectly.  And that's what most people take issue with on the free will side of the debate. 

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if it is up to that man then

if it is up to that man then to choose which among those possibilities he will take, than how could a supposedly "loving" god pass judgment on any given man for failing to choose god's most favored path? if it's truly free will, then there should be no right or wrong answer, no correct path to heaven or hell. every choice, including to believe or not to believe, should be left to the individual.

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