blasphemy challenge *CHALLENGED*

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blasphemy challenge *CHALLENGED*

I don't know if anyone has seen this or not,but if your interested click on link.



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This guy sure seems full of

This guy sure seems full of himself.. think he can argue his case at all without his bible?

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I thought this guy was

I thought this guy was pretty full of himself too. As for his argument, it's nonsense. Just for this guy, I re-read all of Mark chapter 3 (even the parts that he doesn't read himself) where he says that it states that the following have to be true for you to blasphemy the holy spirit:

  1. Believe in God.
  2. Believe in Satan or in Demonic powers.
  3. Personal eyewitness to the physical person of Jesus Christ casting out demons.
  4. Must attribute God's power working through Jesus Christ to Beezebulb the prince of demons.

Needless to say, I couldn't find ANY of these conditions in Mark 3. The closest I could find, was the Mark 3:30 "He said this because they were saying, “He has an evil spirit.”" which simply sounds like he was stating the rule so others didn't make the same mistake.

Ironically, he says that the RRS is putting words into Jesus' mouth, yet Jesus' says nothing of the above, only the author says the above sentence after Jesus' states his line (which only tells you why Jesus said the line then, nothing about the meaning of it).

Instead of actually paying attention to exactly what is being said, this pastor is simply taking the whole part of the chapter, and declares without reason that the sin (blasphemy) must happen exactly like it happened in that scenario, and that Jesus defines it as that. Of course, Jesus doesn't say that, he gives a blanket order to never blaspheme the holy spirit (and in this context, he is clearly refering to the holy spirit as his/God's power).

I even read most of it in Koine, and I still can't find any reason to believe that Mark 3:29 is only for that scenario. Every way I can see, it suggests that it was meant for ALL people, and for ALL time.

Like much of the way Christians try to interprept the bible, this is simply another example of wishfull thinking, and bending the words that are writting to try to justify their own beliefs.

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The Blasphemy challenge is

The Blasphemy challenge is more for fun than anything else. It pokes fun at the silliness of Christianity and how serious it takes unfounded beliefs.

I would also reply to the godtube person by saying that it is impossible to put words in Jesus' mouth because he never existed. You'd be putting words in the metaphorical mouths of the authors of the Bible.


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