The Intersexed and Freewill...

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The Intersexed and Freewill...

That's right, hermaphodites. This one has had me puzzled for sometime
and would love to hear back, especially from theists.

I often hear Fundy's state that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Please explain to me how/why God creates hermaphodites/intersexed individuals (a person born into this world with both male and female genatalia, characteristics), i.e. an "Adam-Eve-Steve"?

They had no choice in the matter.

"Ah, but you see," so sez the Theist, "but Satan interferes and--"

"No, but wait," I continue, "someone with congenital birth defects, for example, or who suffers terrible disease later in life can still CHOOSE to accept 'God's love' or deny it. Someone with a pair of BOTH genatalia that are both equally functional has NO choice in picking their sexuality. Plus, the Bible give no leadway in this matter so far as I'm aware--you are born either male or female, not both. Is this really a valid 'test' b/w God & Satan and who wins the soul battle? Sure the person could choose 'God's love,' but they are still an "Adam-Eve-Steve," and really, it comes down to just a game of e-nee-mee-ni-my-nee-mo b/w that person and God if that person decides to 'choose' a proper gender for him/herself."

"Okay, God, I choose 'your love' and hope I pick the right gender that you would like me to be. Ok, ummmmm, e-nee-mee-ni-my-nee-mo! Great, that means I'm an 'Adam,' cool. I'll just ignore that beautiful little vaggy you gave me down there and wrap my developing breasts and play 'Adam.' from here on out! Thanks!"




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I'd never really considered

I'd never really considered multi-sex individuals in this context before. I must thank you for the idea.

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I actually know a

I actually know a hermaphrodite whose parents chose for her when she was a small child. She had both genitalia, and could have had function in either, but her father wanted a girl. As it turns out, she really likes women. A lot.

The punch line?  Despite being shunned by her family, her church, and many of her friends because she's gay (what an odd definition of gay, don't you think?) she is still a devout Christian.

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I actually presented a

I actually presented a similar argument to this and sent it to a newspaper about two years ago, maybe a little longer than that. The article pointed out that the 'one man; one woman' laws that many states have put into effect end up making it impossible for the intersexed to marry. Anyways ... yeah, most theists don't think about it.

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I'll tell you how theist

I'll tell you how theist deal with inter-sexed persons, at least from my experience. They ignore it.

I was raised an evangelical christian, and although I heard plenty about gays, I never heard of a hermaphrodite until I took a sociology class in college. (Then I heard about hermaphrodites virtually every class for a semester, but that's another issue.)

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Thanks for the responses so

Thanks for the responses so far.  I know this is a "toughy," but would luv some theist input. Laughing