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Empirical data

So all of their beliefs are proven by jesus.

"If that didn't take place then all of this is useless."

"If christ isn't who he said he is then he can't be what he said he was gonna be to us"

huh? Good lesson on how to twist words.

"Blind faith is faith in faith."
huh? again. Pay attention to the sermon.

"If any young person..."
Do you see? I thought the blasphemy challenge was for everyone. Go figure.

"Millions of people have interacted with the blasphemy challenge"

What part of unforgiveable did Mark, Matthew and Luke have wrong, genius?

Liberty University makes a challenge?

Put up the money. I need gas or a plane ticket and a place to stay for the night.

He says, "Bring it." and then says that he doesn't want a 'fight'.

Pray that they accept. lol.

"I'm not asking for an emotional decision."


Oh me. Pray for me. lol. The whole christian coalition of Appalachia wants a piece. lol.

Ask god, "Make me aware..."  lol.

"We ask....." (cue music)   LMAO.

I really didn't like Virginia when I visited back in November, but I'm almost ready to go just to see if this jerks really wants to do this.

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