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The question is: Does God exist? If he/she/it does exist would he/she/it condone the incalculable amount of slaughter that has and still is being perpetrated in the NAME OF RELIGION?
Is it a conscionable god that slaughters millions Jews, gypsies and countless other unwanted undesirables (including INNOCENT babies and children of these unwanted undesirables)...or the unwanted Chinese, Vietnamese, Turks, etc. Etc. Etc. Let’s not forget the millions of Catholics, Protestants and Muslim, in fact; has any race been spared from ending up in the HATE cycle of killing the unwanted that “God” does not want? Is God a cold hearted mass murderer just in the morning, or in evening? What are God’s guidelines for killing off the sinners? Why does God need to revert to killing at all? Or does the messenger of God carry out all the murders? Who benefits from all the killing, God or the messengers?
Could there have been a better God strategy? How about the all powerful and all seeing God simply visiting each and every sinner in town and command that they stop sinning... Let me tell you that if God talked to me just once I would never “sin” again. Why did only a few men in the last ten thousand years talk directly to god? Why can’t everyone talk to God?
It is time to be honest. Question what you have been duped into believing. Who knows, you may find that you can find a God like tranquility and peace within yourself without having to believe that God is running the show......
BELIEVEING IN A GOD IS LIKE PLAYING POKER… YOU MAY FEEL YOU ARE GOING TO WIN, BUT THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL! YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL ALL THE CARDS ARE PLAYED. Soooo choose carefully. You don't want to go through life thinking there is a god when there may not be one!