Evidence that Demands a verdict by Josh Mcdowell

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Evidence that Demands a verdict by Josh Mcdowell

Has anyone read this book? I have noticed a few Christians constantly using this book as a reference point for arguments for evidence for Christianity. I was wondering if you guys have read this or know anything about this. Also you should try to get the author on the show.

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Read it long ago, took a

Read it long ago, took a look back at it recently.  It's all the usual arguments--feeds your cognitive bias if you already believe, is obviously full of holes if you don't.

It would be really interesting to see McDowell on the show.  He's the head of a huge profitable travelling youth ministry, though, so he might consider himself too important. 

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I've read the book.  It's

I've read the book.  It's not convincing.  It's written for a Christian audience to make them feel better about themselves but anyone seriously considering this book as good apologetics is severedly self-deluded.

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Ok, let's be honest here. 

Ok, let's be honest here.  There is no such thing as "good apologetics."  Nevertheless, this book is poor even by those standards.  Josh McDowell has moments of being a decent apologist, but more often, he's a great "inspirational preacher."  Like many have said, his books resonate if you already believe, but an adult who had never been exposed to Christianity would have to be pretty gullible to believe after reading this book in particular.

Truthfully, I've never read a good defense of Christianity.  Someone asked for references in another thread, and i mentioned Josh McDowell because he's very popular, but it's a mystery to me why anybody has trouble seeing through any of the books I've read, and trust me, I've read a bunch.


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