Secular Humanistic Judaism

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Secular Humanistic Judaism

 Hi this is my first post to this forum.

I dont know if this the correct topic under which to pose this question, but here goes. I am an atheist jew. I practice certain jewish customs out of a purely cultural appeal. However could this in and of it self be just as dangerous and devisive as religious practice. I have not been an atheist long, and am having a bit of trouble reconciling my disbelief with my appreciation of jewish culture.

Thanks in advance,


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If the food tastes good,

If the food tastes good, eat it.

It's only a problem if it is a problem for you.

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I've been going to church

I've been going to church and participating in christian events even though I am an atheist. Do whatever you want, just see it for what it is: harmless nonsense.

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I hear of a lot of "Atheist

I hear of a lot of "Atheist Jews." They basically identify culturally as a Jew, but don't believe. Many of us also who were once Christian celebrate Christmas/Easter but only for fun.

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The British brights who I

The British brights who I am a member of seem to have a very high % of non god believing jews.


Whether traditional /cultural behaviour is a good or bad thing is different question to whether believing in god is a good or bad thing.

 I think in some cases it can be a good thing, most people in the UK celebrate christmas regardless of their religious believes (including me, here it equals drinking /eating too much, family around, and watching the queen's speech/great escape/wizard of oz)

However giving preference or associating only with people due to who their parents are is in my opinion a very bad thing. In this respect religion including judiasm is an unneccessary division between people