Could someone offer me assistance

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Could someone offer me assistance

I don't find myself talking with pastors or fundy Christians so I was wondering if any of you who do could pass along these questions.  Both these examples happened to friends of mine and I'd like to know what they think should be the end result according to their bible.

The first involves my friend who was raped.  She was beaten unconcious then raped.  Since she was in the city and the biblical requirement is that she must cry out for help otherwise she should be executed.  Since she was unconscious and couldn't cry out for help does that mean she should be executed?

The other involves something that happened to one of my friends many years ago.  When she was 12 she was sodomized by her gym teacher.  According to the Bible the teacher must pay a fine and marry her. What would the fine be and is she too young to be married?  Also, since she was actually sodomized with a jump rope handle do the biblical laws concerning courtship through rape still qualify? 

I just found myself thinking about this while listening to the Non-Prophets today and just wasn't sure about the proper conclusion to the situations are to be resolved according to god's laws.

Thanks in advance. 

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I remember those if someone

I remember those if someone ever tries to lecture to me about god's laws.