list of physical gods

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list of physical gods


i was wondering if someone has / can provide me with a link or a list of gods that have taken physical forms in their legends / stories?

i'm trying to google it but with the amount of Christianity stuff that comes up I haven't found anything very useful yet

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Jesus, All the Greco-Roman


All the Greco-Roman Gods/Goddesses/Minor Deities

Pagan Gods



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Plus a few of the

Plus a few of the Mayan/Aztec gods, Norse gods took physcial form, various chinese gods (i can't remember them all and I am tooo lazy to google them right now) Hindu gods, Japanese, Native American gods nearly always took physical forms. I also believe a few polynisian gods took form as well.

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Depends what you mean by

Depends what you mean by "physical form." In pre-Classical Greek near east, the god wasn't an abstract non-physical being that lived in a spirit realm--it was literally that carved piece of rock that lived in the temple (the god's house). The statue of Ishtar in the temple at Ur *was* the goddess in physical form.

The Arabs were *still* doing it this way up until Mohammed changed the situation in the 7th century C.E. That's why Mecca was the holy city: because that's where all the kidnapped gods were taken and set up as war tropies.

The idea of an abstract god who lives in a spirit realm away from the physical earth wasn't a widespread one until after the Greeks. It was one of the big innovations of the Hebrews after they got away from their whole worship-the-mountain-god period (at Sinai and Horeb during different periods): a non-material god that could not be kidnapped or destroyed by rival tribes.

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Raiden - he took mortal

Raiden - he took mortal form to protect Earthrelm from the forces of Shao Khan by competing against his fighters from Outworld in mortal kombat. 

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* Heracles * Krishna *

* Heracles
* Krishna
* Mithras
* Quexalcote
* Buddha
* Attis
* Dionysus(Bacchus)
* Osiris
* Zoroaster
* Ra
* Apis
* Jove
* Amenkemp
* Horus
* Jason
* Adonis
* Bacchus
* Zarathustra
* Prometheus


My list anyway. 

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awesome...thanks all...keep

awesome...thanks all...keep um comin if you got more...but that may big good for my purposes Eye-wink