"Entropy" as God and other weird Spiritual/Theistic Satanist stuff...

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"Entropy" as God and other weird Spiritual/Theistic Satanist stuff...

Can anyone tell me what the hell this is talking about?

Dark Force in Nature, and Entropy - and an END to this argument!

I'm no scientist, but I'm fairly sure that article is crap...I just can't explain WHY. I think it has something to do with misinterpreting the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but I'm interested in learning more specific, educated arguments about it. Likewise with the following:

The existence of the supernatural

Why believe in a God or gods?

Reasonable (though not completely rational) theism

If anyone could direct me to books or articles that deal with this sort of thing, I'd really appreciate it.


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The first article is

The first article is complete gibberish it just got like....EVERYTHING wrong! It's not even worth debunking. If you want to learn something real about entropy check out deludedgod's article: Entropy and Life It's really neat Smiling

As for the second link, I recommend you read Todangst's article: Supernatural (and immaterial) are broken concepts


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