I'm beginning to realize--A commentary on theistic disdain

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I'm beginning to realize--A commentary on theistic disdain

Good early morning R.R.S. I am contemplating not sleeping this evening. It would be the first time in a while that I've done this.

The goal of this post is to share a bit of realization concerning something I noticed right off the bat when becoming active on this site.

I noticed right away that many posters were very impatient with theist newcomers. I found myself thinking, why is this? Initially I concluded that members of the R.R.S. dislike theists based on their ideologies alone and as a result treated them with disdain. If I may be so kind, as to point out, that I realize now that this was not caused by disdain for ideologies. I find that the impatience is more of reaction to the disdain that has been shown continually towards atheists previously by theists.

What led me to see the, in my opinion, reality of the often contempt between atheist and theist is not because of an initial rudeness/disdain from the position of the atheist, but rather, the initial rudeness/disdain that came from the theist position. Now granted, it may not be the particular theist who makes the initial rude gesture or insulting remark or judgment. Nevertheless, the rude gesture has already been presented against the atheist by many other theists before the particular theist poster. Therefore, the atheist impatient reaction is not necessarily a disdain for the theist ideology or individual, but most accurately, it is a defense mechanism to prevent the further onslaught of theistic rudeness towards the atheist position and/or person. Or in other words, the atheist impatience is not a proactive response, but a reactive response to a prior given gesture of rudeness and/or disdain.

I feel on a personal level that this is important to realize being a theist. My views have changed a lot concerning atheism since joining this site. I am very glad that this is now another one of those changed perspectives.

This all came about and materialized itself because of some rather disturbing displays of theistic attacks on individual members of this forum. These attacks were disgusting and saddening. I found that at this moment, I realized, that I no longer blame the individuals who come off affront when replying to some of the theist posts on this forum. These posts, coming from a stranger theist, who brandishes the same ideological label as someone who just 1 day earlier acted like a 3 year old who wanted to have his cake and eat it to, are viewed by the atheist as likely to be another unfortunate continuance of the violence which has been spoken to them repeatedly in the recent past.

Ultimately, I would like to extend a thank you for being as nice as you are to a majority of the first time poster theists on this site. Now that I'm beginning to see what you've gone through, and still go through, from the theist position generally, it truly makes me understand how hard it must be to not just shut off the receptors, and close down towards efforts in replying to theist posters.

May I raise a metaphorical glass *raises glass* to toast to the hope, that in the future, there may be less rude theists. *cheers*

Good luck R.R.S. I'm sure your patience is continually worn thin. May I just ask you, to stretch it just a bit further, relief is hopefully coming soon with a deserved dose of "less tension."




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*sends an e-salute*

*sends an e-salute*

"Physical reality” isn’t some arbitrary demarcation. It is defined in terms of what we can systematically investigate, directly or not, by means of our senses. It is preposterous to assert that the process of systematic scientific reasoning arbitrarily excludes “non-physical explanations” because the very notion of “non-physical explanation” is contradictory.


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Cheers to you too,

Cheers to you too, jread.

You've really hit the nail on the head here, and I'm so glad that you came to this realization upon your own.

I do think the often backhanded "welcome" most theists get here does come from a position of reaction and defense. Still, the good eggs, such as yourself, usually do shine through all of that mess - and that is indicative of your own patience and openness.

I try my very best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but it does become exceeding difficult sometimes - especially when you're smacked with the same quasi-insulting lines you've been beaten over the head with a thousand times over.

In the end though, I really do think people get back what they put in on this forum. Conducting yourself in a genuine and open matter, as you have, goes a long way - and I can only hope that your experience here thus far has been positive and that you've been afforded the same courtesy you've extended us.

It is an unfortunate truth that day in and day out we typically do deal with the people who stop by to tell us we're going to burn in hell, the people who are so ridiculously ignorant of science (yet so sure it is wrong) and the people who are simply offended that we speak our minds.

When you deal with that, all the time, it gets easier and easier to get jaded and cynical and take that out on the next poor sap that crosses your path who simply came here with an honest question. I know that happens from time to time, and it's always in the back of my mind.

Thanks for the breath of fresh air!


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jread, you have made some

jread, you have made some really good observations since joining us. You'd make a good atheist, you know.

What you've noticed is known in psychology as projection. Basically, the Projector has a preconception that someone is hostile towards him. He acts as if the other person has already been hostile, which sometimes provokes a hostile response. The Projector then has validation for his preconception, and continues to believe his delusion.

Here's a Dandy Little Essay on the subject.


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jread wrote: May I raise a

jread wrote:

May I raise a metaphorical glass *raises glass* to toast to the hope, that in the future, there may be less rude theists. *cheers*

*Cheers* ...as we clink glasses.