Answered: "Why do you focus so much on Christianity?"

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Answered: "Why do you focus so much on Christianity?"

I want to address a very common question on these forums. After Pascal’s wager, questions about the Blasphemy Challenge, and threats of eternal punishment in hell, usually comes the question “Why do you focus so much on Christianity? I don’t see you going after Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.”

I can see why Christians think we’re only against Christianity. We do address many religions, but at a superficial glance it does look like Christianity gets the majority of the attention. Also, the Blasphemy Challenge is specifically anti-Christian.

But there is one thing our Christian friends overlook. Most of the regulars on the board hold to naturalism. Personally, I became an atheist after becoming a naturalist. Naturalism responds to any and all religions. For further reading, try these essays from todangst: ”God” is an incoherent term and ’Supernatural’ (and ‘immaterial’) are broken concepts.

Now, lets turn to why we pick on Christianity the most. As is often pointed out to our questioning Christians, Christianity is the dominant religion in the English-speaking world. Most here probably don’t know enough about non-Christian religions to effectively respond to them in detail. Another common response is that we’re unhappy the political/religion climate in the USA.

These are all great reasons. But I would like to try this response on our Christian friends here: We pick on Christianity the most. So what?