Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda

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Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda

This new quack has become a media circus. This man is claiming to be the “Man” Jesus Christ. Dr. Miranda also believes he’s the antichrist.

Here’s a link to his website: Growing In Grace.

What’s ironic here is that in the Bible - an individual does NOT proclaim to be the antichrist. In fact, in the book of Revelations this person will state he is Jesus Christ. Dr. Miranda obviously doesn’t get that notion. I mean, how will Armageddon take place when this individual is claiming to be both. Although, this fairy tale of the second coming is what these nuts base it on - it goes without saying that I am siding with the Christians who think this guy was a botched abortion on this one.

The guy even wears a 666 patch. I love it. 

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There was a

There was a guy who claimed to be Jesus, and he was a guest on the RRS show.

I wonder if it was the same guy.