Pascal's Wager - The *actual* numbers

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Pascal's Wager - The *actual* numbers


I present to you: The official probabilities where you are going depending on your faith according to the number of believers, so you can make an informed decision about who is best equipped to scare you into believing.


 HEAVEN ... Blissful existance until eternity

 HELL ... Eternal torture

 REINC ... Reincarnation in some form. May also mean Nirvana (Buddhism) or becoming one with God (Hinduism). Many different schools about this though.

 ??? ... Countless other beliefs by miscellaneous religions

 RECYCLE ... Atheist's view. Your conscience is gone, your molecules are recycled.


This is not perfectly accurate as most churches don't like to settle on any fixed stance on this because it would mean admitting that there are other religions. I've tried to find the honest best guess for the Protestant and Anglican churches.

Also, I have not counted the opinions of individuals within the churches, but the opinions of their clergy. 

The numbers of believers used for the calculation came from:

Catholics are counted as believing only Catholics go to heaven ("There is no salvation outside of the Church"

Same for Orthodox Christians and Muslims. Protestants and Anglicans are counted as believing all Christians go to heaven.

Hindus and Buddhists are counted as believe everyone reincarnates. Other religions were counted as ???. Nonbelievers and atheists were counted as holding the naturalist view.

Disclaimer: This is purely satirical. Little care was taken with regard to the absolute accuracy of the data.


If we don't base the calculation on the number of believers but on reason, the table looks like this:


 I never wanna hear anybody using Pascal's Wager again. Thank you.





PS: If you have suggestions on how to improve the statistics, please tell me.