2000 points--as good of time as any.

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2000 points--as good of time as any.

Yup, with this post I have reached 2000 points and, as such, time to bring about my permanent RRS forum retirement.

So.. if ever I post again-- shoo me away and remind me that I likely have other things to do.

So, here it goes-- a mental summation preclude to parting:

I know little and believe a lot.

When time brings my end, I will only have myself to credit with the life I have chosen to lead.

If God exists, so be it--things will be as they will be. If God does not exist, so be it-- things will be as they will be.

So, I say in closing, no matter-the-fact in the here-after or the here-not-after, I will try to live my life in accordance what I believe to be the fullest.

If this leads to me atheism, so be it, I cannot fight my own mind. If this leads to theism, so be it, I cannot fight my own mind. Therefore, let me not judge anothers, only act in good contrary to bad acts.

In this, no matter what path I my find myself, I 'pray' that I will be good.

Live to Learn. Learn to Love. Love to Live.

And in the end, time and space will sort it all out. Eye-wink

Good day ladies and gentlemen; good day. It been a pleasure. Smiling

RtG: Out.

This message has been brought about by "Time", get use to it.

Special thanks to Tod, Hammy, Tux, Strafio(s), and, of course, some other people I have failed to mention (then again I could just say 'everyone' Smiling. It's been educational. Smiling

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It's been nice trying to

It's been nice trying to decipher your posts, I think have all been "Rhadified"! Enjoy yourself, let us know if you de-convert! LOL.

What a coincidence we both reached a milestone on the same day...



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Fare thee well,

Fare thee well, Hiawatha...

Or something like that.

I'm naturally sorry that you won't be the poster child for RRS-conversion, but I hope that your time here hasn't been in vain.  

Peace, man.  We'll see you again if we see you.  If not, I wish you the best, and hope you won't pray for me Tongue out


Atheism isn't a lot like religion at all. Unless by "religion" you mean "not religion". --Ciarin

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Darn, I just located a copy

Darn, I just located a copy of that dictionary I needed!  Rhad, thanks for the entertainment and for keeping me on my linguistic toes.

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RhadTheGizmo wrote:

Nice touch. Smile
Take care and all the best.

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Ah, you'll be back. 

Ah, you'll be back.  You'll miss us and the lively debate.

By the time you come back, there will be new members that need to be Rhadified.

We'll miss you while you're gone. 

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Take care...Now, i'll have

Take care...Now, i'll have to find another theist tangent buddy...so I can ruthlessly take over other people's thread when insomnia strikes....ok maybe that won't such a bad thing, but I enjoy it...

No Gods, Know Peace.