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I've always said that the biggest argument against all religions together is the fact that they actually exist.


If possible, could anyone point me towards a list of currently active religions? A list as complete as humanly possible.

What I plan to do is to extend my sphere of research on the very general topic of "religious dogma vs. logic and argumentation". More precisely, I'm trying to demonstrate the fairly obvious: that all religions are mutually exclusive: if one isn't of that religion, sorry, no heaven.

Two reasons for this: 

1. I've come across the idea of a "United Heaven"... a very strange conception of a heaven intended for believers of all kinds. I will try to explain:

The idea of this "United Heaven" would mean that the Gods (notice the plural) have set up a kind of an experiment with humanity, each God, or group of Gods, creating his own religion and preaching it to his/their own "chosen people". The whole idea is that there actually isn't any "heaven" or "hell", everybody goes to this "united heaven" in the end, everything being just an experiment to see how different kinds of faith have different kinds of outcomes. Practically saying that Yahweh, Allah, Odin, Thor and Zeus are sitting in a room, sipping their coffees and watching how we evolve.

This crazy idea I've come across several years ago after reading "The Terra Experiment" (not available in English, title was translated). I haven't actually given it any thought, until yesterday when I've talked to someone who apparently believes that, and remembered. I wish to demonstrate that such an idea isn't exactly possible (the author of the book also appears to agree with me, giving the chapter that deals with this concept, because the book is much wider, an air of "what if ...?&quotEye-wink.

2. I've been debating on a local scale with several people, and I've started to remain without arguments. Most talks about heaven/hell generally end up in something like "Oh, don't worry about the native Zulu tribes, they'll be judged by their actions, not by their beliefs." ...which I'd gladly accept from a benevolent God, but I wish to give the proof of the contrary (I've already found out certain solid proofs concerning Christianity).


So... I wish to research more, but in order to do that, I have to know what I'm to take on. I've already seen the wikipedia list, which is quite large and I've seen many others, so it's quite difficult to keep track between all of them. I'm only asking just in case someone has already dealt with this problem.


If not, then you're always free to debate what I just said: "The biggest argument against all religions together is the fact that they actually exist."