When will gdon make necessary corrections?

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When will gdon make necessary corrections?

When will GakuseiDon (gdon) make the necessary adjustments & corrections in his 'The God Who Wasn't There: an Analysis'?

Australian Christian apologist GakuseiDon (gdon) continues on with his JP Holding style crusade & ignores facts & evidence that have been pointed out to him all the way through his god movie analysis. If he was truly confident in his analysis, he'd reserve space for critique of his analysis but he won't. Nor will he take down information that he has purposely distorted. Even though it has been pointed out to him by being brought to his attention many, many times. He continues on without even the slightest consideration for adjustment or correction.

GakuseiDon admits, "I'm a moderate Christian. I am not a scholar, and have an amateur's interest in the topic."

He also admits: "This article is not intended to be a review of the movie. Rather, it is a look at the evidence that Flemming presents in his documentary. I don't look at the extended interviews included in the DVD in this analysis."

He has admitted that he has never actually read the work of Acharya yet he gives what he calls, a 'review'. In 'Section 4: Jesus Myth Overview: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - 4.7 Acharya S'

He claims, "Scholarship so bad, it's funny."

- Even though gdon has already admitted that he has never actually read her work. He uses the 'Atlantis' topic as a red herring & also takes her work out of context (He doesn't know this though because he's never read her work). Thing is, Acharya is not even in the god movie!!! He needs not only to remove the parts about Acharya but, HE OWES HER AN OFFICIAL APOLOGY for slandering & defaming someone that he knows nothing about!!! I smell a law suit.

GakuseiDon shares a horrible review of Acharya by Robert Price & fails to provide Acharya's 'Response to Robert Price' which he has been made aware of - http://www.truthbeknown.com/firesponse.htm

gdon has been briefed on his errors on topics such as, 'Deva Tat', 'betrayed for 30 pieces of silver' & Kersey Graves as well yet, he continues to ignore anyone that proves him wrong. gdon is utterly a deceiver. Nothing more, nothing less (I guess the early Christians had these issues too).

On & on it goes - He demands 'primary sources' while providing none of his own. Why does GakuseiDon continue to misquote, lie, fabricate & encorporate a number of fallacies etc, etc? Because he cannot stand on the merits of a 'Historical Jesus'.

gdon has been taken to task on many of these issues here & other websites too yet he refuses to make any adjustments or corrections - 'Brian Flemming says that there are errors in his movie' - http://www.thebeastmovie.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1493&page=12

To summerize:

"GakuseiDon is a critic who engages in presumptive dismissal without elaboration, referencing apologetic source material out of context, poor analysis of historical context, and a myriad of other scholarly deficiencies that are unoriginally "amateurish" and sophomoric consistent with the caliber of unskilled elaborations typical of latter day apologetics."

Laughing out loud

"All the gods of the Greek and Roman mythology represent the attributes of the one supreme divine power - the SUN."
~ Macrobius 400ce "Suns of God" 67-68

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Re: When will gdon make necessary corrections?

BeastMaster22 has obliterated GDON and his dishonest arguments. Good stuff there.