Just a quick not on women and xtianity

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Just a quick not on women and xtianity

This was a section from http://www.rys2sense.com/anti-neocons/viewtopic.php?t=1339
thread. I thought I'd share it here.

Left of Larry wrote:
Candi wrote:

What is difficult about understanding the phrase... "those of you without sin cast the first stone" said while protecting a female, a prostitute at that. He was fearless and strong. Not like what his true enemies (not you) would have you believe."Love thy neighbor as thyself" is completely non gender specific.

This caught my eye and just wanted to comment on it a little bit. It is true that Jesus, according to the bible said this to protect the stoning of a prostitute. But this, is a very small part of the bible in which is trying to protray a god who is more loving than teh god in the first testament.

This quote is also insignificant if you take a philosophical viewpoint on teh "virgin mary" and how detrimental it has been for women through out history. The basis of the xtian religion is based on a woman's purity. Of course juxtaposed over patriarchical dominance this has been very very detrimental to women. But this misogynitic view of women can be seen in judaism and islam as well..obviously. so that quote being true in a sense was only used as a scapegoat to show that god is merciful, the bigger point, is not to protect the woman, but to show that we are all sinners. Also, we have seen what happened to that woman in the pages of theocratical history....the gospel of mary magdeleine has disappeared. Not to sound to DaVinci codish..hahahaha...

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