How can we stop these christian crusaders?

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How can we stop these christian crusaders?

How can we stop these christian crusaders when they have the gov't brain washed in believing there is a GOD. Look at what they have allowed to go on in this country, Bills and coins stating "IN GOD WE TRUST", "GOD BLESS AMERICA" in our athem, BILBLES in the court room, Boy Scouts don't have to let ATHEISTS in the boy scouts, And now these people have the BALLS to train children in the art of WAR to fight a battle in which they say is erupting in a camp called JESUS CAMP. I have seen the Trailer to this documentary of the movie called Jesus Camp in which parents and adults Brainwash children to Fight and Die in the Name of GOD. So I'm woundering when will it END. IF NOT, HOW CAN WE STOP THEM NOW BEFORE IT'S TO LATE. ANYONE GOT ANY IDEAS?

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they don't have the

they don't have the government brainwashed, they and their followers have placed themselves in the government.
the only thing to do other than spreading rational ideas is buy yourself some firearms and chemical suits, and prepare to kick their jesus camp soldier asses when they start their little war.
ironically, they're the ones keeping guns legal.....

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Now now ! Don't be so harsh

Now now ! Don't be so harsh !

The advantage of a atheist is that he can vow towards God and then do anything he desires, even against his vow. That way, I've always regarded the boy scout problem as minor.

The governments are not brainwashed: they're not separated from the church well enough. What people could do is protest, but, unfortunately, there are very few people to do that. Let's say you turn over crosses and Christian symbols in all state institutions every day. Someone will get the message sooner or later. Same if you gather outside the white house and protest every day (but will all atheists be willing to do that?).

As for the Jesus camps... They only seem to happen in the USA. Also, the USA is one of the few countries in which you can buy weapons like you buy bread. Therefore, IF they start their little war (which I am very skeptical they would), start shooting ! After all, it's self-defense. It's either them or you. And you don't have to shoot to kill... if you hit a child in the arm/leg, he's out of commission.

Ironically, the boss at the company in which I work is a devout Christian. Also ironically, more than half of the personnel are atheists, and the rest are "I believe, but I really don't give a shit"-kind of Christians with 0 church attendance.

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