a debate/conversation I'm having with a couple of folks

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a debate/conversation I'm having with a couple of folks

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Corey Michael wrote:
cassanovafrankenstein wrote:
:lol: I promise that if I die before the rest of you and it turns out there is intelligent design and there's an afterlife, I'll post from the other side and apologize to no fear and concede that he was right all along. You'll be able to confirm that it's an authentic msg from the spirit world by the IP number. Just do an IP lookup.

Thats an interesting topic. What do you guys, as atheists, or whatever else you may be, think happens after life? Nothing? The body becomes a source of nutrients for the Earth and cycle of life? Do you believe in a spirit? If so, where does it go?

I think life ceases, I do not believe there is a soul, I do not believe there is afterlife, reincarnation or anything else. The reason why I believe that is because there has been no substantial evidence to prove otherwise. It would be interesting to ask that same question of bacteria, or to apply it to viruses, which are neither living nor dead. The same can be asked of human cells which can be frozen indefinitely and brought back to life.

The idea of a heaven is completely anthropogenic, it is our way of trying to give ourselves meaning. In a way it is egotistical, due to the fact that we do not give a soul attribute to anything else but ourselves. Life is life, and that in itself is beautiful, instead of worrying about what happens to us when we die, why don't we worry about life right now?

Most thiests spend more time worrying about an after life that they make their time here a literal living hell (ie..war, etc..). Our ego, has to place us above life here, above all other animals. Instead of worrying about afterlife, why don't we work to cherish all life here on earth, by being more ecologically thoughtful, and less destructive. I believe that would be time better spent. Understanding, compassion and tolerance, I believe are better attributes to a "higher" being than raw hatred, rage, war and pollution ouf our earth. Ironically our actions prove that we are not higher beings but animals, selfish greedy animals....evolutionarily flawed.

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