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Faith Fighter

There's no fighter for atheism -- I'm super pissed. I wonder why... that... would be...

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hehehe fantstic

hehehe fantstic

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My childhood dream came true

My childhood dream came true at last...Woop God's ass!!!! Thanks man

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Haha, this was fun! I liked

Haha, this was fun! I liked how when I played, that Jeebus just stood there while I punched his skinny face and won without one hit on me.

 I'll bookmark it to play when I'm not so busy. Laughing

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Blasphemey! this game does

Blasphemey! this game does not contain Satan or Richard...


On the upside, the final boss was classic ^_^ Xenu ftw


oh yes, and while my Buda was fighting Jesus, i saw the FSM destroying New York behind us.

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