Argument from incoherence?

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Argument from incoherence?

It's a long video, but the good part is near the beginning.

- Try to imagine something that doesn't exist.
- You can't imagine something that doesn't exist.
- Only god can create something from nothing.

- What about pink elephants?
- Pink exists, elephants exist, so they don't count.
- The concept must be incoherent and epistemically bankrupt.

I can think of a ton of things that don't exist (the fiction aisle would suffer if we couldn't), and people can conjure up incoherent and totally baseless concepts; like gods and salvation. His subject is actually an example of the thing he's arguing against our being able to invent! His argument has already fallen apart at these assertions, but he goes on to say that our supposed inability to think of incoherent concepts is evidence for a god!

I didn't think it possible -- an argument from incoherence!

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He also shoots himself

He also shoots himself in the foot with the pink elephant example right off the bat. It would be easy to say that the properties of God are merely highly quanitified properties of human beings and the world itself. Therefore, when we imagine or concieve of God we are doing exactly the same thing as in the pink elephant example.

It's also funny how he rattles off traditional intelligent design arguments as if he came up with them. Nice plagiarism.

Oh and I don't think this guy has ever considered the philosophical issues behind his assumptions. He takes so many things for granted. Quite disheartening to have to watch something like this which supposedly proves the existence of God.

The implication that we should put Darwinism on trial overlooks the fact that Darwinism has always been on trial within the scientific community. -- From Finding Darwin's God by Kenneth R. Miller

Chaos and chance don't mean the absence of law and order, but rather the presence of order so complex that it lies beyond our abilities to grasp and describe it. -- From From Certainty to Uncertainty by F. David Peat

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What about the Invisible

What about the Invisible Pink Unicorn?  I happen to have a good source on the matter who assures me that the IPU is most definitely incoherent and epistemologically bankrupt.  I know someone who will feel the wrath of rainbows.

By the by, I'm posting at 5:30am Eastern Standard because I'm waiting to get the bathroom as my sister is presently in labour.  I'm really excited!

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"Well the things that happen less often are more likely to be the result of the supper natural. A thing like loosing my keys in the morning is not likely supper natural, but finding a thousand dollars or meeting a celebrity might be."

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Thomathy wrote: By the by,

Thomathy wrote:

By the by, I'm posting at 5:30am Eastern Standard because I'm waiting to get the bathroom as my sister is presently in labour.  I'm really excited!

Congratulations to her and the father!

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So, it's like, what, 1030 your time?

Good night, funny man, and thanks for the laughter.

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   To the OP video guy,

   To the OP video guy,

yes,  god is this, then you go into stupid dogma, so get on your knees , I want to see you pray , I want to see how you worship this  ? 

errrrrr, ever know that buddha dude ?

do keep trying to save me , so silly you get .....