Theists who use the 'instilled desire to worship' arguement to support their claims.. Please explain

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Theists who use the 'instilled desire to worship' arguement to support their claims.. Please explain

I've noticed that many theists use the arguement claiming that 'all people are instilled with the desire/need to worship' as an example of proof supporting God's existance. I am not sure I understand the connection. How does this instilled desire to worship(assuming we all indeed have this desire) prove that God must exist? Please explain.


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They do? That's ridiculous.

They do? That's ridiculous. Obviously, firstly, not everyone has an inherent desire to worship, since not everyone worships something. Secondly, it establishes nothing whatsoever a posteriori about "God", all it reveals is an important part of human neuropsychology and sociobiology. Perhaps religion occupies some part of a Maslowian heirarchy, I for one, think the heirarchy is bullshit, but this "desire to worship" can be explained in terms of very important evolutionary psychology functions, such as conformity, the need to fit into a group, confirmation bias, our dislike of cognitive dissonance, our drive to make sense of the world, even if it means making things up (like God) to explain it. And what accompanies that can be a feeling of transcendentalism or what neuroscientists call the God zone, and its associated chemicals: N-Dimethyltriptamine.

"Physical reality” isn’t some arbitrary demarcation. It is defined in terms of what we can systematically investigate, directly or not, by means of our senses. It is preposterous to assert that the process of systematic scientific reasoning arbitrarily excludes “non-physical explanations” because the very notion of “non-physical explanation” is contradictory.


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deludedgod wrote: They

deludedgod wrote:
They do?

Francis Collins does in his book The Language of God.