Meet Sam Smith, the catalyst behind this new forum...

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Meet Sam Smith, the catalyst behind this new forum...

The Rational Response Squad is concerned about the environment. Initially when we conceived the show our focus was on theism, we neglected to mention anything environmental in the founding of our program even though it's an important issue to all three of us. That has now changed... enter Sam Smith.

Sam is a young man who recently drew media attention when he was forced to get a permission slip by his school for his choice to abstain from the Pledge of Allegiance. Unlike the overwhelming majority of stories we hear, Sams' stand wasn't just an objection to the words "under god" which are of course unconstitutional. His stand had more to do with nationalism, and not respecting the actions of war our country has taken in the last few years. Sam called in the ACLU, and the school was forced to back down, Sam abstains from the Pledge without a permission slip needed now.

For the most part Sam doesn't (at least not yet) attack theism the way that the RRS does. Sams bigger focus remains in politics, the environment, and currently a focus on peak oil. This forum has been created as a home for him and his friends, along with anyone else interested in discussion of these issues.

Listen to show #3 featuring Sam Smith here: (low quality to save bandwidth, subscribers get high quality shows--- right click "save target as"Eye-wink

Discussion of Sams show appearance and the Pledge issue including newspaper stories: