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Research materials - Rook

My apologies for using the public forum for this, but the email I sent a couple weeks ago has apparently been lost in the multitudes.

Rook-  I bought two books for your research.  I accidentally clicked a "one-click" order button at Amazon and they shipped the books to me.  Please send me a private message so we can figure out a way for me to ship them to you without compromising your security.  Please look at your wish list and find books that you have not received but have been checked off as sent.  If you tell me the name of the missing books I can verify that it is you and not some theist monkeywrench.


The words in each of the following word pairs are not interchangeable:

"Their" and "there."
"Its" and "it's."
"Your" and "you're."
"Then" and "than."