Jesus, the Nazoreans and Jannaes

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Jesus, the Nazoreans and Jannaes

Hi, all. I'm new to the forum and just beginning to investigate Jesus Mythicism. As such, I'd like to know what you think of JP Holding's response to the claim that the Nazoreans thought Jesus lived under King Alexander Janneus. Thanks.



Price is hauling up canards that have been answered time and time again. He also makes a very strange statement about "ancient Jews and Jewish-Christians" who believed that Jesus lived 100 years before the first century, in the time of Alexander Janneus. What in the world is this about? This view does not come from Jewish-Christian, or even from ancient Jews, but from a VERY late Jewish document called the Toledeth Yeshu (see here. Price is apparently mixed up here


Price's claim that "ancient Jews and Jewish Christians" put Jesus 100 years earlier is misleading. No Jewish Christians thought such a thing, and "ancient" means only one Jewish document dated to the sixth century. The Toledeth Yeshu was obviously written as a satire, not as history. It has things in it like Jesus and Judas Iscariot flying around in the air and fighting like Captain Marvel and Superman. The hard evidence for it shows that it was written no earlier than the sixth century. It also places a rabbi of that era several hundred years before his time. Obviously this was meant as a joke, not a serious history.

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