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Reading list

I dont mean to be annoying. I forgot to add this question below the other topic I posted in this forum.

I would love to learn more about this kind of stuff (biblical errancy). Being an ex mormon, I never really read the Bible and while I have read parts of it, and read books about it, it's authors and the such, I know very little about biblical errancy and would love to learn more. What I do know comes from the books I have read, and reading things on forums and websites such as this. Does anyone have any recommended reading (besides the bible itself)? I read "Bible Myths and their Parallels to Other Religions" which was incredible and "Misquoting Jesus" as well as a few others. Any recomended reading would be welcome. I'd love to excercise my brain a bit.


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Chapter 7 from The God

Chapter 7 from The God Delusion, entitled, "The 'Good' Book And The Changing Moral Zeitgist" is good, in terms of the arguments about morality's existence regardless of religion or the Bible and in questioning the supposed inherent morality of the bible itself. I recommend reading the whole book, though.

Are you familiar with the Skeptics Annotated Bible?

There is a forum and online version of it listed somewhere around here.