Christendom is "counterfeit" Christianity that Jesus warned his followers about.Roman Emperor Constantine Christianized paganism

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Christendom is "counterfeit" Christianity that Jesus warned his followers about.Roman Emperor Constantine Christianized paganism

How the writings of the early "Christian" church fathers" prove that the later form of "Christianity," i.e. Christendom, is the "man" of sin that Jesus and the apostle Paul warned about. False Christianity "sits" itself in the "Temple of God" and "claims to be God" much in the same way as the Pharisees and Sadducees placed themselves in the "seat of Moses" and claimed to represent Moses.

I believe that there is sufficient evidence that proves that the Roman Empire created a "counterfeit" version of Christianity.

I believe that the Bible is true but at the same time I also believe that so-called "christianity" is an apostate and "counterfeit" religion, know in the Bible as the "man of sin" or "man" of lawlessness and is part of "Mystery Babylon the Great" depicted in the Bible book of Revelation as a "harlot" religious system depicted as riding on the back of a "beast" like political system.

Pagan holidays and doctrines such as Christmas and the "homoousios" doctrine, i.e. (oneness of substance-TRINITY) was created by reinterpreting and retranslating the Bible to make the Scriptures support pagan doctrines.

Following the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. Apostate church leaders searched the Bible for scriptures that they could use to support the pagan doctrines and holidays which they "borrowed" from Mystery Babylonian religion.

Secular and religious history clearly shows how these pagan doctrines and holidays originated in ancient Babylonian mystery religions, hence "Mystery Babylon the Great." Many secular historians agree that many of the world's religious beliefs originated with Nimrod in ancient Babylonia and spread out across the earth after the languages were confused after the Tower of Babel. These ideas spread out across the earth and were adopted by later civilizations. These beliefs were given different names and became the basis for 99.9% of the world's major religions. This religious system which got its start in ancient Babylon has grown into the monstrosity known as "Mystery Babylon the Great" which is depicted in the Bible as a "prostitute" or as an unfaithful "virgin" who has been unfaithful to the true God of the Bible.

Later Bible translators removed the name of God, Jehovah, from their Bibles and replaced it with the titles "Lord" and "God." In the original Hebrew Scriptures, the name Jehovah or Yahweh appears nearly 7,000 times.

Bible translators and apostate "Church" clerics justified removing God's name from the Bible because of their interpretation of the "Trinity" doctrine, which was grafted into Christendom's "church" by apostate religious leaders and politicans such as Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

True Christian doctrine was shoved aside and labeled as "false doctrine" by the apostate church system which was created under the influence of Roman Emperor Constantine.

All those who adhered to their beliefs were labeled as "heretics" and "cultists" by the apostate Church and were persecuted or put to death if they refused to accept the decisions made at the Council of Nicaea.

Religious group such as the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses, who reject the decisions made at the Council of Nicaea are often persecuted, spoken against, or even put to death for rejecting the apostate church creeds and pagan holidays and other decisions made under the influence of pagan Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.