Bloodline of David??

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Bloodline of David??

Untill church wednesday ( yes I go to chruch, yes I am an atheist. They consider me a blessing to show how the power of god can convert, I see them as the way to acheive my goal of deconverting someone.) I had always thought that Jesus (had he existed as says the bible) was not a blood decendant of David because it was Joseph that was his decendant, ergo the whole virgin birth would not give Jesus that bloodline. The youth leader responded when I confronted her with this by saying Mary was also a descendant of David. I was not prepared to counter that so I backed off. My question is, according to the bible, was Mary a descendant of David?? I really hate wading through biblical geneologies.

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The Bible tells us nothing

The Bible tells us nothing of Mary's ancestry. (She is a fictional character anyway; there was no historical Jesus, thus no historical mother of Jesus.)

The New Testament gives two conflicting genealogies for Jesus. Both, as plainly written, are through Joseph. (Matt. 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38) Christians realized this early on and simply invented some "solutions" to the problem. The most popular is to claim that Luke's genealogy was actually through Mary - that Heli was Mary's father. But there is nothing in the text itself to suggest that, nothing at all. This is just another example of how religious apologists make shit up to suit their purposes. They keep just far enough away from the plain meanings of their scriptures so they can twist and stretch them as necessary to wring out all the contradictions. Then they turn around and try to tell us that the texts were perfect all along.

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This reminds me of some

This reminds me of some comedian a while back wondered why there isn't anything about Jesus's life between childhood and adulthood - and he offered a few possible exchanges:

Mary: "Jesus, close that door! Were you born in a barn?"
Jesus: "Yeah!"

Jesus (replying to Joseph) "You can't tell me what to do! You're not my real dad anyway!"

Laughing out loud

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Mattshizzle, That reminds me

That reminds me of the comedian Sam Kinison. He used to do a lot of religious material. Here's one:
Joseph talking to Jesus and Mary - Yeah, you'd better be the son of God, I can tell you that. You had better him little mister.... and you had better be the ONLY son of God. You understand what I'm saying honey? I got enough problems without running a fucking family full of God's kids. OK? You sure it was God, right? Did he have any ID? He just said he was an angel and you guys went into the garden!

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