Documentary: Who Wrote The Bible?

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Documentary: Who Wrote The Bible?


I'm posting this for anyone who wants to help review the documentary by Robert Beckford called "Who Wrote The Bible?".

I'm no historian so I don't know whether this documentary has any blaring inaccuracies or not. It seemed like a genuine look at the subject. Beckford appears to interview knowledgable theologians/historians/archeologists. His narrative seemed level headed and non-sensational.

He exposes the ideas that the first 5 books of the Old Testament are written by Moses, and the Gospels of the New Testament being eyewitness accounts, as falsehoods. He shows who, when , where and for what purpose people translated and rewrote parts of the Bible.

Beckford appears to remain a Christian even after debunking what he was taught about the scriptures when he was young.

Watch the movie on Google video.

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Im not sure about accuracy,

Im not sure about accuracy, but it was a very interesting video...thanks for posting it.


I have always felt that the bible was written, to control a large population, under a belief system.

It makes much more sense, and is more economical, than using a large army to keep a population in check.


This video seems to come to that conclusion. "well roughly"

Definitely worth a look guys...