Ancient Greek Philosophy

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Ancient Greek Philosophy

Hey, remember how xtians always say without religion no morality is possible? I`m reading meditations by Marcus Aurelius meditations, and I got the idea of how the stocis and other greek philosophers didn't use religion as their basis of morality, but rather philosophy. Is this a topic that you are familiar with and if so, can you recomend to me any books I can learn more about it?

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Hey Zombie, I think you are describing virtue ethics. Morality is described as doing things that virtous for their own sake.  I would start with Aristotle to investigate it.  By the way, I don't think most Christians would argue that atheist can't be moral people.  The argument is that atheists have no rational justification for morality because it intrinsically bestows value on people, objects, etc. which is arbitrary and irrational from a metaphysical naturalist perspective.  Hope that helps.