Leviticus translation question

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Leviticus translation question

I'm involved in a very fun debate with a guy on popular gay interest forum where I like to hangout.

The topic of the bible's attitude toward gay sex came up and I posted some typical scripture passages that show christian attitude toward homos like us.  Leviticus 18:22 of course and 20:13 were included among others.  

  Those two passages were singled out to be translation errors and the following site was given as reference:  http://www.worldpolicy.org/globalrights/sexorient/hom_bibh.htm

Basically the site and the guy I'm debating with claim that the passage in Lev don't say that guys can't screw each other, only that they can't do it on a woman's bed. 

I know, I thought it sounded silly to, but I wonder if there's any legitimacy in that translation.  


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I believe that translation

I believe that translation is faulty, but have heard from at least one source that all but one of the homosexuality verses refers to male prostitution. The hinge verse, I believe, is Romans. Could be wrong though.

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Homosexuality and the Bible

I would check out two good books: "Homosexuality" by James B. DeYoung and "The Bible and Homosexual Practice" by Robet A. J. Gagnon for some thorough treatments of all the relevant topics.