Greydon Square Album Available!

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Greydon Square Album Available!

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A black atheist? A black

A black atheist? A black atheist rapper?

CALL CNN!  No no no, call Fox! I wonder if Condie has her panties in a bunch? If it wernt for the tooth gap, she'd be a hottie. Condie looks like the black female verson of the "Mad Magizine" guy. 

Anywho, Graydon is a welcome addition to any music motif. Hopefully we can get away from Britney Spere's bra. Not that I mind bras.

There is alot more music out there than Motly Crue, Ussure, Kiss, 50cent or Shakeria.

This is rap with a message. This is the beat that gets you thinking. This is what makes you think.

If you are not a rap fan, Graydon is more than capable of converting you to his brand of thoughtfull , insightfull lyrics. 

Viva Graydon! 



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That's it, I'm moving to

That's it, I'm moving to Canada!!

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I actually used to hate rap.

I actually used to hate rap. All rap. Greydon and Proclaim won me over. I'm not an actor, I'm a real person giving my real testimony.  Sticking out tongue But in all seriousness, I really very much do like both of these albums and artists. Everyone should pick up their stuff. I personally prefer Greydon's stuff more.

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I just want to chime in and

I just want to chime in and say that Greydon's album is very well structured from beginning to end. He leads you step by step from Kirk Cameron making An Irrational Argument, through some great renditions of arguments against religion, to ways to respond to criticism (with Ears, Say, and Addressed), all the way to his Dream of a world without religion, all the while dropping names of fellow atheists and musicians you might like, such as the songs The Compton Effect and As A Fan.

Each song is good, but I think the album as a whole is awesome.

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I'm not a fan of Greydon,

I'm not a fan of Greydon, but I give him props for saying what he really believes.