Rational Response Squad Academy begins!

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Rational Response Squad Academy begins!

The Rational Response Squad has officially started its leap into a new frontier: The Rational Response Squad Academy.

A project the RRS heads have been working on for a long time, the idea is to have free classes given by experts in all sorts of fields. From physics, biology and chemistry, to history and bible courses, even psychology and logic classes. These courses are designed to be on college level. For the time being all of these courses will be free of charge, and open to everyone. We are able to spend this time giving back as a result of your financial assistance. If you are able to subscribe, please do so. If we get overcrowded classes, we may need to limit it to only subscribers. Classes will be held in a stickam.com video room.

There will be two options available for anybody who is interested. The first is enrollment, much like you would enroll in a college class. It depends on the instructor, but sometimes you’ll be graded, have quizzes, even homework. (Nothing that is too overwhelming)

The second option is to simply show up at the times the courses are taking place. No enrollment necessary, you just show up. You can stay, even do the work too if you so desire. There will be no restrictions what so ever.

However, enrolling brings added benefits. When you enroll you get the opportunity to take the proficiency exam at the end of class, and if you pass the course, you get an honorary badge above your name on the message boards, and access to a private forum. It’s a little esoteric, but at the squad we reward seekers of knowledge, and this is simply one of the ways we seek to help everyone. The bonus to merit is the level at which you apply yourself to education, which at the squad we really respect.

At this point, the first course of study is Introduction to Classical and Modern History taught by the RRS’s own Rook Hawkins. If you have any interest in this course, please read the Course Description and the Enrollment Thread.

Here is a brief description of the course: This course will use modern historical methodologies to explore both classical and modern historians, ancient historical methods, the genre of history and how to apply modern methodologies to a variety of ancient texts and classical historians. We will also look at a general history of the world from the Hellenistic Age to the rise of Christianity.

Enroll in our first course with Rook Hawkins.

Description of the first course. 8 weeks, 2 lessons per week! Each lesson will be given 2 times, once in the afternoon and once in the evening for your convenience.

In Rationality,

Rook, Kelly, and Sapient

P.S. This Friday we'll air a hilarious show we recorded this weekend with CARM.org founder, Matt Slick a Christian apologist.