New Humanist Magazine writes a nice article about RRS

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New Humanist Magazine writes a nice article about RRS

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OMD, that Recycle the Bible

OMD, that Recycle the Bible idea is BRILLIANT!!! That is going to get so much media attention!

 Great article, by the way.

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Great article Smiling

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Wait this place is only a

Wait this place is only a year old?

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This was an amasing

This was an amasing article, I'm so glad it was written and copied here.  It answered a lot of questions I had on the founders of this site and what it was all about.  It gave me a HELL of a lot (no pun intended) of respect for you guys and has basically been the deciding factor that took me from wondering how much longer to stick around testing the water, to becoming a subscriber.

 Lunch time right now, but when I get home it'll be incoming.

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Excellent! (Except for the


(Except for the fact they printed the website as instead of Oh well.)

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New Humanist Article

It is great that 'tamer' atheistic groups are supporting RRS.  RRS perfectly fulfills the need of a particular group, a younger and rearing-to-go group who are/will contribute greatly to eradicating religion.

I am looking forward to the Bible recylcing project; it will be interesting to see the reaction to that!!! 



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Great article, portrayed you

Great article, portrayed you guys in a very good way. Again, too bad about the url but I wouldn't worry, all but the dumbest people interested in finding the site would think to google it.

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oh god (yeah I said it -_-)

oh god (yeah I said it -_-) lol this article rocks......I think i'll cry now lol.